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IPW Montessori Teacher Training Centre

IPW Montessori Training Center is one of the oldest Montessori & Primary training center in Madhya Pradesh. Our Students' qualifications range from Secondary School to Post Graduate level, from young girls to grandmother, who are interested in finding out about how Montessori method can help their grandchildren.
Ms. Sangeeta Agarwal, Principal & Promoter after Completing basic education from Washington D.C., did B.A. (Hons) from Delhi University and a Post Graduate Diploma in International Law from Delhi University. She also did Diploma in Advertising and Marketing from International Polytechnic, Delhi. She is Ex-Vice-President of Bhartiya Gramin Mahila Sangh. She Setup a Vocational Training Center for rural women. Her articles are published in news papers time to time.

"education is not what the teacher gives ; education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual..."

Dr. Maria Montessori


As every parent knows, the preschool child wants to be adults, to take part in the activities of daily life. The practical life materials allow him to do just that. The Montessori classroom has 4 distinct groups of practical life exercises :
Care of Person (buttoning , zipping, combing etc)
Care of Environment (cleaning, sweeping, gardening, ironing, polishing etc)
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The Skills of Daily Living

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